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Design and Development and Implementation of Databases in Guatemala

Do you need to keep your data electronically in order to access it safely and immediately and from anywhere within your company, from any branch office and even from anywhere around the world with access to the internet?

In guateportal, we can design, create and implement an efficient solution.


We develop all types of databases, with the following characteristics:

  • Static and dynamic.
  • To implement over LANs is Internet.
  • Multitasking, multiuser and multiprocessing.
  • Highly secure and reliable.
  • Multi-levels of access, for different types of users and roles.
  • Hierarchical and fully administrable.

Development of databases for different objectives such as:
Inventories, accounts, stores, organizations, clients, directories, in short all kinds of applications needed to store and query data.

We work preferably on free platforms (with GPL license), so you do not need to pay for server licenses. Also adaptable to work in commercial servers and private languages.

Our databases are highly secure and easy to administer and use, both for the administrators and for the end user.

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